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Sunday, 12 November 2017

GST Reboot In-Depth analysis of 23rd GST council meeting

Relief in GSTR compliance
All businesses to file GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B till March 2018
GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 filing dates for July 2017 to March 2018 will be worked out later by a Committee of Officers
GSTR 4 due date for July to September extended to 24th December 2017
Turnover under Rs 1.5 Cr to file quarterly GSTR-1
Turnover above Rs 1.5 Cr to file monthly GSTR-1
Changes in Composition Scheme
Composition scheme limit to be increased to Rs 1.5 crore (can be extended to Rs 2 crore later)
1 % GST rate for manufacturers & traders
Composition tax of 1% on turnover of taxable goods (turnover of exempted goods to be excluded)
Composition Returns, GSTR-4 due date extended to 24th December
Those supplying goods and services (services not exceeding Rs 5 lakhs in total) eligible for compositions scheme
Composition dealers cannot make inter-state sales. Input tax benefit not allowed.
Relief for service providers
All service providers with turnover up to Rs 20 lakhs exempt from GST registration. Including those who supply inter-state or supply through e-commerce operator, such service providers do not have to register.
Changes in GST Rates W.e.f. 15th Nov 2017
Only 5% GST (instead of 12% & 18%) on food bills in restaurants 🍕
Reduced from 28% to 18% - Shampoo, Perfume, tiles, watches ⌚️
Reduced from 28% to 12% - Wet grinders, tanks
Reduced from 18% to 12% - condensed milk, refined sugar, diabetic food
Reduced from 12% to 5% - desiccated coconut, idli dosa batter, coir products 🍚
Reduced from 5% to nil - guar meal, khandsari sugar, dried vegetables
Restaurants within hotels (room tariff <7,500- 5% without ITC
Restaurants within hotels (room tariff >7,500 ) still 18% with ITC
1 % composition rate for manufacturers & traders
Outdoor catering 18% with ITC
Late Fees reduced
           For delayed filing of NIL returns, late fee reduced from Rs 200 per day to Rs 20 per day

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